Changing how bunker buyers and suppliers connect.
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Complete transparency.

When a client requests bunkers through our platform, all connected suppliers are automatically invited to place their quotes. All parties are fully informed on the bidding process in real-time. Our clients can rest assured knowing that they’re always supplied at the actual market price.


Simply select your vessel and get suggestions on products and quantities from your ERP software. Your request instantly starts a bidding process among our suppliers.


All connected suppliers, unless explicitly excluded by the client, can place their quotes. Suppliers can see all competitive quotes, always giving them the opportunity to improve their prices.


The order is placed as soon as the client accepts a quote. Invoicing and BDN processing are smoothly integrated with your ERP software.

We’ve got you covered.

Bunker Connect is a full-service broker. As a liaison between client and supplier, we offer impartial advice and find mutually beneficial solutions. Our experienced brokers are available 247 to provide you the service you expect.


Our bunker brokers use their decades of experience and strong knowledge of the product, to help you make informed decisions about your fuels. Your broker can advise you on the latest legislation and fuel quality / sampling developments.

Market information

Bunker Connect’s exclusive price information is displayed in real-time on the platform. Our clients and suppliers are always aware of the state of the markets.

Quality control

Working transparently with trusted bunker partners ensures that our clients are supplied quality products. When a quantity or quality dispute does arise, our experienced brokers mediate and find a sustainable solution.

Seamless integration.

Direct links to your current software packages reduce administrative processing to a mere formality. Our flexible platform integrates effortlessly with your ERP software. Use our standard software links or let our specialists make a custom integration for you.

Product suggestions

Our clients use systems such as IMOS, Veslink, ShipManager, ShipNet, BASSnet, DAX, and EyeShare. Your vessel’s capacity and fuel spec requirements can be used to provide suggestions on the products and quantities to order.


Whether you’re using automated invoice processing or traditional accounting software, a direct feed from Bunker Connect’s platform to your accounting software makes invoice administration effortless.

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